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Condensing Boilers
1 -  Integrated Control System
Pre-wired control panel with operating control, high limit with manual reset and temperature indicated.
2 -  4" High Temperature Insulation
High temperature insulation surrounds the complete water side of the heat exchanger which reduces heat loss.
3 -  Three Pass Heat Exchanger
Absorbs more heat which increases boiler efficiency.
4 -  Large Combustion Chamber
De Dietrich boilers have a large combustion chamber and will accept all European and North American burners. The large chamber contributes to low NOx emissions.
5 -  Heat Exchanger Access Door
Front access door allow easy cleaning of the flue passes and combustion chamber, without replacing gaskets or rope.
6 -  BiSpherical Push Nipples
Creates the perfect water side seal. The nipple actually expands and contracts because of its BiSpherical shape. They’re made from the same “eutectic” cast iron as the boiler.
7 -  Siliconed Thermocord
Creates a pressure tight seal so harmful gases can’t escape and it never needs replacing!
8 -  Cast Iron Baffles
Baffles are installed in each flue pass creating higher furnace pressures which increases efficiency!
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Flexible Cast Iron Creates Longer Operating Life

Thanks to the most modern process and the high quality of its eutectic cast iron, De Dietrich manufactures the most flexible cast iron in the world.

It’s modules of elasticity is 30% greater than all other cast iron currently available making the De Dietrich boiler shock proof!

The Eutectic cast iron is resistant to corrosion, any condensate formed inside the boiler runs through weep holes into the combustion chamber where it’s flashed off by the burner.
High Performance Boilers SAVES YOU MONEY!

De Dietrich is one of the pioneers of near condensing and condensing boiler technology.
Built to ISO standards the company produces the highest quality boilers from our European foundries.

"As The Boiler Should Be"
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