Condensing Cast Aluminum 

Low water return : MCAPRO Series

Input Range 156 to 399 MBH

Residential and Light commercial Gas or  Propane 

The De Dietrich MCA Pro condensing boiler is designed by some of the world’s preeminent condensing heating design engineers to perform for optimum efficiency and durability. Constructed with a rugged cast aluminum heat exchanger with a 30 year proven performance record around the world the De Dietrich MCA PRO is a symbol of quality, performance, and durability in a small wall hung package. The state of art control system allows the installer to precisely respond to the heat load requirements.

Installers, technicians, engineers and owners around the world have made the De Dietrich MCA PRO their leading choice for wall hung boilers. The ease of installation and service makes the De Dietrich MCA PRO less expensive to install and maintain. The durability of the heat exchanger allows De Dietrich to offer an incredible warranty proving how confident De Dietrich is of the reliability of the cast aluminum heat exchanger.

De Dietrich has been in business since 1684  providing innovative solutions for the heating market and the De Dietrich MCA PRO is another proven innovative solution.


MCA PRO Cascade

Available in cascade configuration. Standard are 2 to 8 boilers, Any configuration possible.