Eutectic Cast Iron 

Low water return : GT530A/AE

Input Range 3749 to 8190 MBH

Commercial Gas/OiL/ Dual fuel

The GT 530A/AE Series is an eutectic cast iron 4-pass, high efficiency, large net output, low operating temperature, designed boiler. These boilers are specifically designed for oil/gas/propane firing.

The GT 530A/AE is equipped with a service friendly control panel with built-in ON/OFF limit, high limit, manual reset limit and a temperature gauge.

The GT 530A/AE is a Four Pass Design with a generous combustion chamber and horizontal flue passes with fins. The heat transfer is enhanced by the fins and eutectic cast iron baffles. This body design  assures:

  •   Efficiency up to 87.8%
  •   Low water pressure drops
  •   Low noise level
  •   High thermal efficiency and heat transfer

Low Water Outlet Temperature down to 105°F with indoor/outdoor reset achieves significant energy savings by reducing stand-by fuel consumption. In addition, it’s not necessary to maintain boiler temperature between the two heating cycles, which further reduces fuel consumption and achieves excellent overall efficiency. Studies show substantial savings over retrofit boilers and over new competitive models.

Easy Cleaning with Hinged Door for burner and flue access. Doors can be hinged right or left based on your access needs. Boiler is easily cleaned and vacuumed, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

Eutectic Cast Iron boiler body provides exceptional resistance to temperature variations and thermal stress. De Dietrich’s eutectic cast iron is 30% more flexible than any competitive cast iron allowing safe low temperature operation.


Four Inch Insulation featuring reinforced fiberglass wool. De Dietrich Boilers feature double insulation of the boiler front which minimizes heat loss and allows reduced stand-by consumption and improved thermal efficiency.


Control Panel. The control panel supplied is designed for heating applications. The panel is equipped with a boiler thermometer, ON/OFF limit, high limit and manual reset limit. The large size permits it to be integrated easily with third party energy management systems.


Standard Equipment

  •   Eutectic Cast Iron Nipples
  •   Built-in High Limit with Manual
  •   Reset
  •   Thermocord Combustion Seal
  •   CSA/CSD-1 Compliant Controls and accessories
  •   Low NOx Burners (optional)
  •   Factory Assembly (optional)
  •   BACnet (optional)
  •   Consult your local De Dietrich representative for
  •     a list of available burners.